26 September 2008

children you gotta draw really quickly
they wont hold still.

24 September 2008

seniors love parks here in spain.

they're awesome to draw... they're still, they usually dont mindthat you draw 'em or dont notice.

23 September 2008

21 September 2008

20 September 2008

models or actresses who look like models or pose like models.
all look the same; uninterested.
... if they dont, why should we care?

19 September 2008

bringing down a drug cartel in colombia...
this sort of images look timeless to me...
i kind of never ever read war comics...
i love joe kubert among many things on this planet but i've never read any of the sgt. rock stuff i own.
i've looked at it plenty but never read a word...
good thing those books are worth it anyway!
wether you read them or not!
as long as look at the man draw.
and he's better every day! and thats no exaggeration. better every day.

18 September 2008

this sort of "is" sondra locke...
... and my cat, who shall remain nameless, cause he has no name.
she appears in a bunch of eastwood films from the 70s/80s ... guess they were friends...
she's awkward looking but i kind of like her, reminds me of margot kidder.

17 September 2008

you probably like sudden impact by now...
nah, neither do i...

15 September 2008

like i said, watching sudden impact... or half of it.
he just looks awesome... i love drawing the guy.

14 September 2008

watched around half of sudden impact, but didn't finish it.
i believe i'd seen it before, i'm pretty sure but its hard to tell.
these dirty harry movies kind of amalgamate in my memory.
the man with no name ones kind of do as well but, i've re watched them all recently so i'm not that confused.
the dirty harry's have a lesser re-watch value though... particularly the sequels (sorry fans)

13 September 2008

this one is from a 70's ad on the 25th taschen anniversary book of 70s advertisements.
crazy hair. good book though.

12 September 2008

11 September 2008

another from a magazine.
i guess she was fidel's lover back in the day and wrote a book about it now.

at a coffee shop, looking at these variety magazines trying to draw some head-shots;
it hard to find stuff to actually draw!
i guess i prefer to draw from older portrait photos, at least there's stuff to look at ...
the ones today are all washed out, over lit, burnt, with hardly any features, like mannequins ... they look sanitized.
also the poses and the gestures are a bit more interesting for me... people seem more "motivated" than a mannequin.

10 September 2008

drew this one on the park but kind of threw some extra melancholic landscape...
the kid was perfectly happy playing with friends!

09 September 2008

some nazis an a bobby .. from some magazine
one of the nazis is goebbles i believe... the top left one i'm guessing
... i dont really know the guy by face (gladly)